Information Access


RFBServer  v.2. 1. 2001

SoftDrom RFBServer does allow to Enterprise businesses to provide Internet access, Web-Applications running, Business and Ad information access, Alerting and audio paging, web-applications running.

ISYS Workgroup  v.9 7

ISYS Workgroup delivers enterprise-class information access capabilities across desktops and shared repositories, unlocking your valuable content and enabling you to gain instant benefit.


Daisy PRO En  v.1 51

User friendly interface for wide range of users. Rapid deployment, zero administration unlimited scalability. Interactive data analysis and reporting with sub-second response times. Information access flexibility. Microcube: universal mobile

Idyle Phone Book Pro 97  v.2.94b

lets you maintain your names, phone numbers, addresses and Internet information. Access all your contacts using the alphabetical tabs. You can track name, address, six phone numbers (two personal, work, fax, cellular, pager), Email address, web site,

ArrangeMyWorld  v.1.0

A Safe Deposit Box that enables you securely store personal information, documents, pictures and files on your own computer for easy access and regular use. No information is stored on the internet.


ISYS:desktop is designed to quickly and easily connect employees with information that resides on their desktops and networks. Easy to deploy and maintain, ISYS:desktop supports 30 foreign languages and 140 file formats, including MS Office formats,

YorkLIVE  v.

YorkLIVE gives you live road-works information, car parks, CCTV, rail arrival and departure boards, postcode search and more. This superb map based app will help both road and public transport users get the most out of their day. - Traffic CCTV, VMS

Traffic and Travel UK  v.

The epic Traffic & Travel UK is back with a massive update with dozens of new features and improvements! Traffic and Travel UK is the most comprehensive Windows Phone 7 app for finding information on Road, Train, and other Travel disruption

DX4WIN  v.

DX4WIN is an easy to use, yet powerful logging program for every ham. Main features: - Support for DXCC, WAS, WAZ, WPX, County, IOTA, VUCC & CQ DX Field (mixed, mode and band) .

Knowledge Master  v.13.0

Knowledge Master is a powerful tool for creating mind maps, concept maps, semantic maps, semantic networks, diagrams and conceptual knowledge bases, with a rich set of functions and a very intuitive interface, that eases concept treasuring and active

OpenPipeline  v.0.9

OpenPipeline allows you to crawling, parsing, analyzing and routing documents. Also the tool ties together otherwise incomplete solutions for enterprise search and document processing.

Neotrek Url Extractor  v.2.12

Neotrek Url Extractor is the easy to use software to locate internet resources, extract links, extract URLs, maintain websites and web script, create internet data and internet databases.

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